Monday, August 30, 2010

About Me

I’m a bookworm, and my favourite place to hide out is at Chapters or Indigo’s.

I also like the library; it’s like a treasure chest where you can sometimes find diamonds that shine brighter among others.

I am very down-to-earth, if I become famous one day, you’ll never see someone else pushing a shopping cart for me.

I write for myself, and for the enjoyment of others reading it, not for money, or fame.

I am sensitive, I really care about others, but if you mess with the people I care about, know that my sensitivity only goes so far.

I’m a people pleaser; therefore, I go through great lengths to please people, even if I suffer from it.

I’m a human diary; I keep many secrets about myself that nobody knows, even though it may seem that I am very open person.

I keep my feelings to myself, the important ones, and I never get too attached to anyone, for personal reasons.

My family comes first, so don’t expect me to ditch them in their time of need for anything; friends count as family.

I do have a love for fashion; you could say I’m a girly girl, but pink is not my favourite my colour.

I’m a girl of many words, and to prove it a talk non-stop, but I make sure I shut up and listen when it counts.

I would love to travel around the world, if I had that kind of money, and experience the world with my friends and family.

Believe me when I say I am inspired easily, yet I am forgetful, so I my favourite item-must-have is a notebook.

I have an account on Wattpad, it`s a website where writers can publish their works and share them with others. There should be a link to my profile page on Wattpad if you want to check it out .

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