Monday, August 30, 2010

Ugh, Parents

Parents. Can`t live with them, can`t live without them. With mine, it goes both ways. My mom is always telling me I should listen to my parents because they know what`s best for me, but that`s not always true. I mean, how can they know what`s best for me when they don`t even know me at all? I mean, I keep a lot bottled up inside me that no one knows, not even my closest friends, and although I understand that they are just trying to do the best for me, sometimes, I need to find my own way, because their not always going to be there to guide me through.
My mom, well, she`s a whole different personality. she often tries to pull the guilt card on me when i don`t listen to her. The whole `someday, I`m not going to be here and then you might regret not listening me,` shebang. Well, mom, news flash, I`m not always going to need babysitting, so lay off the nagging, please! I mean, I know she`s my mom and I love her with all my heart, but really, a teenager needs her space.
My dad`s more of an observe-then-act type person. He mostly watches me and if I`m doing something wrong, he`ll be there to correct me. I love both my parent`s with all my heart, but sometimes, they just really get on my nerves! Both my parents are stubborn and so by me inheriting that trait, might not have been the best combination for a family. But even so, I guess, somehow, we manage to pull through our differences, well, me anyways. My parents, not so much. Sigh. Sometimes, I actually think I was switched at birth, or my parents are aliens from outer space. They don`t really understand the way I function, and I`m a people pleaser, but my temper only goes so far. And I`m pretty sure all those Re-Connecting With Your Teen books don`t really have the teen perspective. But hey, we live, we learn and we deal, and family is family.

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